iPad App, 2013

iPad App

The fiftieth anniversary of the original edition of Interaction of Color was the perfect time to reincarnate Josef Albers's now-classic masterwork in a 21st century electronic version. The App takes full advantage of new technology. Seamlessly woven into it is an introductory video of Albers, short video explanations of some of the more complicated studies, and testimonial videos by artists, architects, and designers. Text and plates run side by side. The commentaries to the plates are easily opened and integrated into the reading/viewing experience. There is a complete "Create" section in which users can select from 526 colors to create, save, and share their personal studies.

The beauty of this new Interaction of Color is how smoothly all the parts of the original have been layered, without losing any of the design or content. Retaining Albers's design was an absolute requirement, and Potion, the developers, together with Yale University Press, embraced it in true Albersian spirit.