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Josef Albers with student, Bauhaus Dessau, ca. 1926–28
Josef Albers and students in group critique, Bauhaus Dessau, ca. 1928–29
Josef Albers and students in the drawing course, Black Mountain College, ca. 1937–40
Josef Albers and students, Black Mountain College, 1944
Josef Albers and students, Black Mountain College, 1946. Photo: Genevieve Naylor
Josef Albers and students in the color course, Black Mountain College, 1948
Josef Albers and students in the color course, Black Mountain College, 1948
Student work produced in Josef Albers’ classes, Harvard University, n.d.
Josef Albers and students in the color course, Yale University, 1952
Josef Albers, Yale University, 1953
Josef Albers explaining “radial extension”, Yale University, 1956
Josef Albers, Yale University, 1956
Josef Albers and students in group critique, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1960
Josef Albers, University of South Florida, 1966

This chronology lists lectures, talks, seminars, and conference papers that Josef Albers presented between 1908 and 1966. Known titles are in italics. Dates and venues of lectures are included where known. Albers’s major teaching appointments are in bold.


Elementary school teacher in his home town Bottrop, and neighboring towns of Dülmen–Weddern and Stadlohn


Resumes elementary school teaching in Bottrop after training as an art teacher in Berlin


Enrolls as a student and soon after becomes head of the glass workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar


Albers teaches the Vorkurs (Preliminary Course) at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. In 1925 he is named a Bauhaus master


Head of the woodworking workshop and the wallpaper workshop at the Bauhaus in Dessau


Schöpferische Erziehung (Creative Education). Sixth International Congress for Drawing, Art Education, and Applied Art. Prague, July 29–August 12


Schöpferische Gestaltung (Creative Form). Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, February 2; Folkwang Museum, Essen. February 17


In 1933 Albers is invited to establish the art education program at Black Mountain College, North Carolina. Together with his wife, Anni Albers, he emigrates to the US from Germany. While at Black Mountain College, Albers travels widely to give lectures throughout the Americas.


Las Formas Constructivas (Constructive Form); Kombinative Gestaltung (Combinative Form); Teaching Drawing and Color. The Lyceum, Havana, Cuba. December 29, January 2 and January 4, 1935


Abstract Art. City Hall, Asheville NC in conjunction with an exhibition of Albers’s glassworks, prints and paintings organized by the Arts Guild, August

Art as Experience. Combined meeting of the College Art Association and the annual convention of the American Federation of the Arts. Washington, DC May 20–22


Talk arranged by LEAR (Liga de Escritores y Artistas Revolucionarios), the Municipal Library, Mexico City, August

Teaches at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Dartmouth College, and The New School, New York, December


Lectures at Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago. November

Lectures at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. December


Lectures at Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago, January

Teaches at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. April 25–30 and December


Concerning Abstract Art. Greensboro Art Center, Greensboro, NC. Spring

Teaches at Gobert College, Tlalpan, Mexico City. August

On Education and Art Education. Winnetka, IL. November 28

Teaches at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. December


The Meaning of Art. Berea College, Berea, KY. March 12

Problems of Design. School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. April

The Relationship between Material and Form. Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH. April

Truthfulness in Art. Harvard University

Teaches at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. December


Fundamental Design of Today. Workshop for art teachers, Museum of Modern Art, New York. July 16–22

Teaches at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, spring and summer

Talk at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. March


Teaches Design and Freehand Drawing at summer school of The Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture, Groton, MA. June 21–July 16


Talk at Duke University in conjunction with one person exhibition. October–November


Talk at The Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, PA

The Artist and the War. Panel discussion University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Teaches at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. April 18

Art Education in Relation to General Education. Denver Art Museum, The Fine Arts Conference, a series of lectures and panel discussions by Albers, Sheldon Cheney, and Gyorgy Kepes in cooperation with the Cooke-Daniels Lecture Foundation. July 23–25. Albers’s lecture was given on July 25


On Seeing Art, Black Mountain College Art Club, June 3

Lecture at the Art Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Talk at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Appointed a member of Yale University Council’s Advisory Committee on Architecture, Painting and Sculpture, for the period 1948–1950


Lectures at the Flint Institute of Arts, Grand Rapids Art Museum, and Michigan State University. January

Lecture at the Art Department University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. May

Resigns from Black Mountain College and leaves the college at the end of May

Teaches in the Architecture Department of UNAM, Mexico City. Summer

Teaches at the Cincinnati Art Academy. Oct 8–Nov 24

Visiting critic, Plastics Collaborative.Yale University School of Art. Nov 28–Dec 17 and Jan 5–20, 1950


On August 27 Albers takes up appointment as Chairman of the Design Department at Yale University and he and Anni Albers move to New Haven

Art and Education—Possessive or Productive? Yale University Art Gallery. January 17

Teaches evening classes at Pratt Institute, New York City, February–April

Teaches Basic Design and Color at Harvard University, June 3–August 26

Critic at Yale University Summer Art School, Norfolk CT


Talk at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Washington DC. March 22

Talk at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston IL. June 2

Talk for Metropolitan Arts Association at the Detroit Institute of Art, June 4

Training Artist–Architects for Industry. Design as a Function of Management. International Design Conference Aspen (IDCA). June 30


Teaches Basic Design, Drawing, and Color, Architecture Department, University of Havana. February 11–16

De Divina Proportione, symposium, Museum of Modern Art New York. March 11

Teaching Art to Youngsters. Conference for Elementary and Secondary Teachers and Supervisors of Art, University of Illinois, Urbana. March 15

The Teaching of Color Relationships. Department of Industrial Design, Syracuse University. May 9

Color. Yale University Summer Art School, Norfolk CT. August 14


Art and Education, On Color, Design. First Beckman Lectureship, Wells College, Aurora, NY. January 22–23

Teaches at Catholic University of Santiago Chile. June 15–August 15

The Magic of Color. Instituto Chileano–Norte Americano de Cultura, Santiago, Chile. August 14

Teaches in the Architecture Department, National School of Engineering, Lima, Peru. September 2–4

Teaches courses in Drawing, Color, and Basic Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung, Ulm, Germany. November 23–Jan 22, 1954


Farbe eine magisch Kraft. Vereinigung für Junge Kunst, Munich. January 13

Basic Design. St John’s University, Collegeville, MN. March 9–10

Seminars for art teachers, The Minneapolis School of Art. April 1–3

Teaches at University of Hawaii, Honolulu. June 23–August 3

Color: A Magic Power. Art Academy, Honolulu. July 27


Interaction of Color. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA. March 24

Teaches at Hochschule für Gestaltung, Ulm. May 19–August 4

Design Education. Round table, Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University. December 15


Lectures at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. January 9–13

Drawing. Minneapolis School of Arts. January

Color. A Magic Force. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. May 3–4

Color. University of Houston Architectural Society, Houston. May 7

Visual Communication. Art Directors Club of New York. First Visual Communications Conference. June 7

Art Education Today as an Education. Connecticut Arts Association Convention. New Haven. October 26

Color. Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester NH. December 11

The Magic Power of Color. Architecture Department, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. December 19


The Magic of Color. Goucher College, Towson, MD. March 1

How I Teach Drawing and Color. A Magic Power. Tenth Annual Seminar. Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL. April 26–27

Color. The Most Relative Medium in Art. Talks given to Ad Reinhardt’s painting class and to art teachers. School of Art, Syracuse University. July 18

Teaches at Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh. February 18–23 and December 2–7

The Teaching of Drawing as Graphic Articulation. Public lecture, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh. December 6


A Few Dimensions of Design. Keynote Address. Second Annual Conference of the American Craftsmen’s Council, Lake Geneva, WI, June 23

Visiting instructor in Pictorial Design, School of Art, Syracuse University. June 30–July 18

Visual Aspects of Color. Public lecture, Syracuse University. July 10

Color Interaction. Special summer program Color in Art and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. July 22

Color. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. September 24

The Magic of Color. Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. October 7


Why is Color So Exciting? Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs. January 14–15

Visiting lecturer and critic, Kansas City Art Institute. January 19–24

Visiting lecturer and critic, Southern Illinois College, Carbondale, IL. January 26–27

Art Education—Possessive or Productive? Symposium on the Arts, Jewett Art Center, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. February 24–25. Participants included Virgil Thomson, Lee Strasburg, James S. Ackerman. Thurston Dart, Alfred Frankenheim and Rudolf Arnheim

The Great Arts. Yale Literary Magazine Symposium. February 27–28

1+1=3 and More. Yale School of Art and Architecture lecture series, Yale University Art Gallery April 15

Visiting instructor in Pictorial Design, School of Art Syracuse University. June 27–August 7

Color, Action and Interaction. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. November 11–12


The Development of Drawing. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. January 10–11

Actual Facts and Factual Facts and Art. Graham Gallery, New York. January 21

Basic Design and Van Gogh. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. March 8–9

Interaction of Color. University of Illinois, Chicago. March 11

The Teaching of Drawing as Graphic Articulation and Problems of Design. Department of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. March 29–30

Interaction of Color, Art and Self Study, Van Gogh, Repetitions, and Figure Ground. Atlanta Art Institute. March 31 and April 1

Interaction of Color. Cleveland Art Institute, Cleveland, OH. April 19

Facts versus Facts. Morgan State College, Baltimore, MD. May 5

Art Education and General Education. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. May 11–12

Color. Department of Architecture, University of Illinois, Urbana. May 12

Color. Department of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. May 18

Lecture series. Department of Architecture, Princeton University. May 24–26

Color a Magic Force. Hartford Art School, University of Hartford

Talk at the Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Münster, Germany. October 14

Logie und Magie der Farbe. Werkbundschule und Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt, Germany. October 26

Participant in Die zwanziger Jahre. Third Congress of the Humanities (Geisteswissenschaftlichen Kongress), organized by the German Werkbund and the Volkshochschule. Munich. November 21–25


Color and How I Teach Basic Drawing. Department of Architecture and Art, University of Oregon, Eugene. April 29–May 4

Color. Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC. November 7


The Logic and Magic of Color. Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas. April 30; Art Institute of Chicago, May 2; University of Southern California, Los Angeles, October 17. To coincide with the publication of Interaction of Color

Color. J Walter Thompson, New York. August 6

Talk. Architecture Department, University of California, Berkeley. October 31

Interaction of Color. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University. November 21


Interaction of Color. Eastman Lecture. Smith College Northampton, MA. March 10

Interaction of Color and How to Study Drawing. University of Miami, FL. February 24–26

Interaction of Color. Connecticut College, New London, CT. April 25

Interaction of Color. Talk to the State Clothing Specialists of the Cooperative Extension Services of the State Department of Agriculture. Hilton Hotel, New York. May 4

Interaction of Color. American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York. May 11. Albers received the AIGA Gold medal for 1964


Op Art and Color. Society for Contemporary American Art, Art Institute of Chicago. April 6

Search Versus Re–Search.Three lectures. Trinity College, Hartford. April 19–23. Published in book form in 1969


The Logic and Magic of Color. University of South Florida, Tampa. January 15–20

Teaches at University of Bridgeport, CT. April 6 and 20, May 5 and 11