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The Albers Foundation led an Interaction of Color workshop at San Francisco's Exploratorium on January 16, 2016. The beginning exercise was to make 3 colors appear to be 4. From there, everyone dove in, compared colors, consulted with neighbors, tried, tested, experimented. More than 100 participants joined in for a morning of color experiments inspired by Josef Albers.
The Interaction of Color workshop at the Exploratorium, San Francisco, was an inspired and energetic exploration of careful looking and playful making, from which everyone left with a sharper eye and a work of art. (January 2016)
Resident artists at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York experimented with Color-aid paper in an Interaction of Color workshop led by Albers Foundation educator Fritz Horstman. (February 2016)
Albers Foundation educator Fritz Horstman led a paper-folding exercise for PAVE (Performing and Visual Arts Education) students at New Rochelle High School, in January 2016.
The Albers Foundation hosted a two-day colloquium on "Josef Albers and Education Today" in October, 2015. During an afternoon workshop, participants made multi-layered gradients using Color-aid paper and leaves, combining two of Josef Albers’s classroom exercises.
A participant in our colloquium "Josef Albers and Education Today" made a color gradient during an afternoon workshop. (October 2015)
Here's an example of a multi-layered gradient using Color-aid paper and leaves, created by a participant during our colloquium "Josef Albers and Education Today." (October 2015)
A team from the Albers Foundation led a workshop with students of Publicolor's Summer Design Studio, at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in summer 2015. Students used letter stamps and black ink to recreate and build upon the typewriter studies that Anni Albers made.
Albers Foundation educator Fritz Horstman led a color workshop during the exhibition Transmission: Recreation and Repetition at the L'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, in June 2015.

Resources for Educators

The Albers Foundation is working on a series of teaching guides that emphasize the self-discovery and experimentation at the heart of Josef and Anni's art and teaching.
In the meantime, there are many resources on our website for teachers. Audio and video clips, original texts, and publications by Anni and Josef are available at the following links:

Four short videos combining audio from Josef Albers's lecture "The Logic and Magic of Color" with animated plates from the Interaction of Color

Josef Albers's talk "On Teaching Art to Youngsters," including examples of classroom exercises for school-age children

An audio clip of Anni Albers presenting a talk on "Designing as Visual Organization"

Transcripts of lectures by Anni Albers, including talks about "Material as Metaphor" and "On Weaving"

A video clip of Josef Albers teaching at Yale in 1955

The Albers Foundation also offers a limited program of workshops in collaboration with institutional partners around the world. If you would like to learn more about educational resources and upcoming workshops, please contact Fritz Horstman, Artist Residency and Education Coordinator, at