Series VII: Holiday Cards circa 1934–1960 2 boxes

The Holiday Cards series contains the holiday cards designed by Josef and Anni Albers that the couple sent to friends. These cards are considered among the works of art created by the couple. They are beautifully designed and are often playful. Of note among the cards is one designed by Anni Albers and Alex Reed at Black Mountain College, circa 1940.

Description Dates Box Folder

Card storage envelopes with handwritten notes and drawings

1950–1958 44 12

Unfolded original cards

1950–1954, undated 44 13

"Greetings," designed by Anni Albers and Alex Reed, original cards
with duplicate

circa 1940 44 14

"A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year," original card,
handwritten draft of accompanying note, photocopies with
handwritten notes

circa 1934–1935, undated 44 15

Card production materials

undated 44 16

Originals with handwritten notes

undated 44 17

Holiday cards

1939 PC3

1941 PC3

1943 PC3

1950 PC3

1951 PC3

1952 PC3

1953 PC3

1954 PC3

1957–1958 PC3

1958–1959 PC3

1960 PC3

undated PC3