Series IX: Printed Materials 1936–1976 (bulk 1955–1974) 7 boxes

This series consists of published articles on or mentioning Josef Albers or of interest to Josef Albers. Included among the materials are photostats of articles made by and grouped together by Josef. Many of the materials include Josef’s handwritten comments. Of note among the materials are New Yorker cartoons with references to Josef’s work.

Description Dates Box Folder

Photostats of printed materials on or by JA from disassembled

various, undated 98 1–12

Artlover announcement 1936

1936 99 1

Print, fall 1945

1945 99 2

Cover of Interiors, January 1947 (featuring JA print Seclusion)

1947 99 4

Announcement of JA 60th birthday in Westphalian newspaper

1948 99 5

Press clippings about JA lectures (Cincinnati Times and Richmond

1949 99 6

"Albers Paints a Picture" by Elaine de Koonight, Art News,
November 1950 offprints and copies typescript (not by de Kooning)

1950 99 7

Announcements of JA appointment to Yale (Christian Science
Monitor, New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The
Summer Crimson
) offprint from catalogue: Collection of
the Société Anonyme: Museum of Modern Art 1920
, Yale
University Art Gallery, 1950

1950 99 8

Intro, Volume II, Number I (Albers is mentioned in "Museum
Keepers, Professional Art Touts & The Rue de la 57" by Paul Lett)

1952 99 9

Photocopy of JA's entry in the Künstler Lexicon by Hans Vollmer;
offprint of "Josef Albers" in the New Mexico Quarterly,
Winter 1953

1953 99 10

Photocopy and tranlsations of articles on JA color lecture "The
Magic of Color" given in Munich in the Süddeutsche Zeitung
and the Schwäbische Donauzeitung, January 1964

1954 99 11

Printed material (includes copy of The College Art Journal from
which "Nature and the Art of Josef Albers" by Jean Charlot has
been excised, photocopy of pages from The Naked Truth and
Personal Vision
by Bartlett Hayes Jr., excerpt from article on
JA in Nueva Visión)

1955 99 12

Print material (includes "Albers: Impersonalization in perfected
form" by Michael Loew in Art News, photocopies of brief articles
on JA in both Art Newsand Architectural Design

1956 99 13

"Painter Joseph [sic] Albers, Ambassador of Color" (article on JA
in the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegram) announcement of acquisition of
Unconditioned (Homage to the Square) in the Bulletin of
Associates of Fine Arts at Yale University

1957 99 14

"The Artist as Collector", article featuring JA and the Alberses'
pre-Columbian art collection by Andre Emmerich, Art in America,
Summer 1958

1958 99 15

Article celebrating JA's 70th birthday in Westfalenspiegel, March 1958

1958 99 16

Printed material (includes articles about JA for his 70th birthday by
Will Grohmann (typescript), Max Bill (in Werk) and in various
German newspapers, also Yale Alumni Magazine featuring
descriptions of art classes taught by JA, Si Sillman and others)

1958 99 17

Printed material (includes announcement of JA receipt of the
Conrad-von-Soest-Preis of 1958 in the Dülmener Heimatblätter,
"What Happened to Geometry?" by Sidney Tillim in Arts
, and review of JA gallery lecture in Yale and New
Haven papers)

1959 99 18

Printed material (includes article critical of JA art as "tiring" in Critical,
announcements of JA visits and lectures in Germany)

1960 99 19

Printed material (includes articles in Dutch by Will Grohmann
and E. Bergen, The Square by Bruno Munari)

1961 99 20

Printed material (includes Homage to the Square II in Los Angeles
County Museum of Art Bulletin
, articles on JA by Margit Staber
and Richard Lippold)

1962 99 21

German and English typescripts of "Die Welt von Josef Albers/
The World of Josef Albers" by Iwao and Mityiko Yamawaki
(from Graphic Design), press clippings of "Exit Hofmann Left,
Enter Albers Right" in Arts Magazine

1963 99 22

Printed material (includes front and back covers of Art
featuring Homages to the Square and a leaf study from
Interaction of Color, articles about Interaction of Color, articles
celebrating JA 75th Birthday)

1963 99 23

Printed material (includes "Op Art: Pictures that Attack the Eyes"
in Time, and cover of Yale Alumni Magazine featuring JA wall

1964 99 24

Printed material (includes articles about JA lithograph stolen and
recovered from exhibition at Trinity College, articles mentioning
JA by Una Johnson and Katherine Kuh)

1965 99 25

Printed materials (includes articles about JA lecture at University of
Southern Florida)

1966 99 26

Bell and Howell Annual Report, featuring JA and Interaction of Color

1967 99 27

“Josef Albers” by Hans Hildebrandt (Das Kunstwerk), offprints,
typescript, and English translation

1957 99 28

“Les carrés magiques d’Albers / Albers” by Jean Clay, Réalités,
offprints in French and English, typescript in German

1968 100 1

Printed materials (includes articles celebrating JA’s 80th birthday)

1968 100 2

Printed materials (announcements of JA’s 80th Birthday in
newspapers and magazines)

1968 100 3

Newspaper clippings about the Albers’ visit to Westphalia and
Bottrop in 1968

1968 100 4

Newspaper clippings about gifts of JA art to Bottrop

1969–1972 100 5

Photocopy of letter to editor about JA teaching in Bottrop in
1922–1923 printed in Rhur-Nachrichten

1969 100 6

Articles on JA in Westfalenspiegel

1958–1969 100 7

Articles on JA in Westfalenspiegel (also includes press clippings
about Josef Albers – Das Werk des Malers und Bauhausmeisters
als Beitrag zur visuellen Gestaltung im 20. Jahrhundert
Eugen Gomringer)

1969 100 8

Printed material (includes Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photos of JA
printed in Journal of the Archives of American Art, “Op-Kunst
und / oder perzeptueller Effekt” by JA in Kunst + Unterricht)

1969 100 9

Printed material (includes typescript and reprint of article on JA by
Sam Hunter published in Vogue) and Bulletin of the
Metropolitan Museum of Art
January, 1970; with image of
a JA Structural Constellation.

1970 100 10

Printed material (includes article on JA in Die Kunst und das
schöne Heim
, articles on JA by Grace Glueck, Gerald Norland,
Werner Spies, Douglas Davis, Barbara Catoir)

1971 100 11

Article by Werner Spies on Giorgio Morandi that mentions JA

1971 100 12

Printed material (includes press clippings on JA exhibitions and
auction sales, “Encounters with Artists” by Alexander Eliot
(former JA student at BMC)

1972 100 13

Articles from German newspapers on JA and JA’s 85th birthday

1973 100 14–15

Printed material (includes clippings of advertisements from galleries
and investors interested in buying JA artwork, articles on JA from
Artis and Aesthetic Education)

1974 100 16

Photocopied excerpt from Malerei nach 1945 by Wieland Schmied

1972 100 17

Article critical of Malerei nach 1945 by Hans Klinkel, New York Times
article about acquisitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

1975 100 18

Article about a small exhibition on JA held at the Josef-Albers-
Gymnasium in Bottrop

1976 100 19

Undated (includes duplicates of other printed material in boxes
99 and 100)

undated 100 20

Undated (“Huldigung an das Quadrat” typescript)

undated 100 21

New Yorker cartoons with JA references

undated 100 22

JA work displayed in background in homes

1960–1961 100 23

“Art at 410 Park Avenue,” Chase Manhattan Bank brochure

undated 100 24

JA for sale in publications

1968, 1973, undated 115 1(1)

Transcript of radio show on JA’s Homage to the Square: Blue Depth
(includes correspondence with Richard Price)

circa 1970 115 1(2)

Publications with JA prints

1970, undated 115 2

Color slides catalogues

undated 115 3

Ralph M. Pearson Courses by Mail, Critical Appreciation Course II
(includes letter)

1950–1951 115 5