Series IIj: Interviews 1957–1973

The Interviews series contains printed interviews conducted with Josef Albers. A highlight of the subseries is the 1967 transcript typescript with handwritten corrections from the interview by Martin Duberman of Josef and Anni Albers. Material from this interview was included in Duberman's 1972 book Black Mountain College: An Exploration in Community, an important book on Black Mountain College but one that Josef and Anni took issue with due to alleged misinformation.

Description Dates Box Folder

“Yale Reports. The Teaching of Art II: Training in Visual Experience,”
No. 54. WTIC (Hartford) radio interview. January 20 Transcript

1957 67 1

Arts, May 1958 “Studio Talk, Color is Magic: Interview with
Josef Albers” by Bernard Chaet. Clippings

1958 67 2

The Artist’s Voice: Talks with Seventeen Artists by Katharine Kuh.
Excerpt photocopies with handwritten corrections

1960 67 3

“Yale Reports. The Teaching of Art,” WTIC (Hartford) radio interview.
December 3 Transcript photocopies

1961 67 4

Das Kunstwerk, April–May 1961 “Fragen an Albers” by Leif Sjoberg.
Handwritten drafts, typescripts and photocopies

1961 67 5

Art Voices, Winter 1965 “Taped Interview with Josef Albers” by
Jacqueline Barnitz. Clippings, typescript carbons and photocopies
with handwritten corrections

1965 67 6

Jane Fiske McCullough, transcript typescript photocopy December
[see Box 6 Folder 44 for original]

1965 67 7

ArtNews, January 1966 “Albers on Albers” by Neil Welliver. Typescript
carbon with handwritten corrections, clipping and photocopies

1966 67 8

Martin Duberman, letter from Duberman to JA and AA and typescript
with handwritten corrections

1967 67 9

Leonardo, 1970 “A Conversation with Josef Albers” Reprints and
typed transcript photocopy

1970 67 10

Giessener Beiträge zur Kunstgeschichte, Vol 1 1970 “Josef Albers
über Franz von Stuck” by J.A.Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth. Pamphlets
and English translation

1970 67 11(1)

“Einleitung (ein interview mit Albers),” Dietrich Mahlow, July
typescript photocopy

1970 67 11(2)

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger No. 66/5 1973 “Farben Spielen Liebe und Has”
by Werner Krüger. Photocopies

1973 67 12

Handwritten transcript excerpts of sound recordings [see Series XII.

1960–1968 67 13