Series IIi: Color Research 1924–1975

The Color Research series is comprised of materials collected or created by Josef Albers over the span of his career. It includes commercially produced materials on color, including Color-Aid Paper; correspondence, sketches and notes regarding color; and various printed materials on color.

Description Dates Box Folder

ABC von K&E (Kast and Ehringer)

1955 76 1

Kolor Pakette (screen printed colored paper)

undated 76 2

Color Helm and other printed materials on color

1940 76 no folder

Pratt and Lambers Color Calibrator

1949 76 no folder

Various printed materials (includes newspaper articles, essays,
photocopy from typescript of “Emblematische Maler – ein neuer
stil?” printed in Düsseldorfer Nachrichten, Color Controller
color harmony guide by Howard Ketcham, and guide to color
mixing printed by Berger & Wirth Farbenfabriken, Leipzig)

1930s–1965, undated 77 1

Various printed materials (includes brochure for the Color Helm
(see box 76), An Explanation and Use of Allcolor Papers,
The Teaching of Colour in Schools
by Arthur B. Allen (printed by
Winsor & Newton), A Catalogue of Books on Color by Faber
, announcement of publication of Historical Color Guide
by Elizabeth Burris-Meyer, The Birren Color Equation color
harmony tool, printed materials and harmony guides produced
by house and commercial paint manufacturers)

1937–1975, undated 77 2

Various printed materials (includes origami papers, four examples
of Der Farbenharmonie-Sucher a color harmony tool by
Franz Illgner of Dresden, Die Farbe als Gleichnis der Welt by
Siegfried Bröse, various printed and painted color samples
including examples from Schmincke Tempera (H. Schmincke
Kunstlerfarbenfabrik) and Wilhelm Ostwald)

1924, undated 77 3

Various printed materials (includes announcement of publication
of Das Grosse Drei-Farben Mischbuch by Hans Gaensslen,
The New Color Dictionary color harmony tool, publicity about
Selling Color to People by Faber Birren)

1957, undated 77 4

Inter-Society Color Council, newsletter and meeting programs

1942, 1947, 1964 77 5

Color-Aid Paper and color stamps

undated 77 6–7

Glanzfarben RAL-F3

undated 77 8

Materials regarding color psychology and Frank Duveneck
(includes letters from JA to John Weis, Philip Adams, and
National Building Research Institute; letters from Friedrich
Wolff, Eric Lenneberg, Edward Dwight and H.H. Wessel
to JA; notes on color; Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Special Summer Program 1958 "Color in Art and Science"
program; printed materials)

1955–1968 77 9