Series IIg: Notebooks undated

Notebooks includes lists of private and public collectors, works sent to galleries and individuals, notes and writings, lists of people to whom books were sent, general lists of works and comments made on works. Of note is a portion of a notebook that contains a detailed description of Josef Albers’s painting methods. The Worklists series is similar to the notebooks subseries in its content but contains loose sheets of paper and additionally includes insurance values and collection reports.

[Binders and loose leaves in notebooks were disassembled and placed in folders, the label contained in quotes, e/g. “Lect” is the label on the original binder/notebook]

Description Dates Box Folder

Lectures and consignments “Lect”

undated 63 1–2

Comments on work in books, catalogues and magazines “Publ”

undated 63 3–4

Prints, paintings and glass works up to 1949 “Pr”

undated 63 5–7

Collectors A–M “I”

undated 63 8–9

Collectors Mc-Z “II”

undated 63 10

Collectors Mc-Z “II”

undated 64 1

People to whom books were sent “C”

undated 64 2–3

Works sent to galleries and individuals (mostly Janis Gallery) and
description of painting methods 1951–1958 “D I”

undated 64 4–5

Works with descriptions “F III”

1961–1966 65 1–2

Exhibitions “Exh G”

1918–1967 65 3–4

Notes and writings

undated 65 5

Notes and writings (mostly blank) “4”

undated 65 6

Miscellaneous notes

undated 65 7

Notes on abstract art and English (mostly blank)

undated 65 8

Blank tablet

undated 65 9

“Preference and Prejudice”

undated 66 12