Series IIf: Interviews 1965–1990, undated

The Interviews subseries contains printed interviews conducted with Anni Albers. The subseries is small and all are of great interest since few interviews with Anni Albers exist.

Description Dates Box Folder

Craft Horizons, July/August 1965 “A Conversation with Anni Albers,”
by Neil Welliver. Reprint and article photocopy

1965 21 1

Sevim Fesci, July 5 1968. Typescript photocopies of transcript
(for Archives of American Art oral histories project)

1968 21 2

Judith Pearlman, May 16 and June 10 1982. Typescript photocopy
of interview notes

1982 21 3

Richard Polsky, January 11 1985. Typescript photocopy of
transcripts with letter from Columbia University and
correspondence with release form (conducted for “American
Craftspeople Project: The Reminiscences of Anni Albers”)

1985–1988 21 4

Abstraction Kontemplation 1987 “Anni Albers im Gespräch
mit Friedhelm Mennekes.” Typescript photocopy

1987 21 5

Maximilian Schell, Dec 16 1989. Typescript photocopies and
bound typescript photocopy

1989 21 6

Gene Baro, typescript photocopy of transcript (interview for
Brooklyn Museum)

undated 21 7