Series IIIb: Various 1926–1981, undated

The Various subseries includes various writings by Anni Albers. These writings appeared in various publications, many in Design. Highlights include “Bauhausweberei” in Junge Menschen 5 from 1926, “Work with Materials,” “Handweaving Today: Textile Work at Black Mountain College,” “We Need the Crafts for Their Contact with Materials,” “The Pliable Plane” in Perspecta 4 from 1957, and her obituary for Walter Gropius “On Walter Gropius” in Craft Horizons from 1969. Several of these articles were republished in On Designing.

Description Dates Box Folder

Paul Klee’s 1926 lectures “On Modern Art,” translated by Anni Albers,
typescript (includes letter from AA to Charlotte Weidler, 1960)

1960, undated 28 2

“Bauhausweberei,” from Junge Menschen 5, typescripts
and photocopies, November

1926 28 3

“Work with Materials,” Black Mountain College Bulletin, No. 5 1938,
bulletins and photocopy; College Art Journal III: 2 January 1944;
and Interweave Winter 1938, 1944, 1978

1938, 1944, 1978 28 4

"Handweaving Today: Textile Work at Black Mountain College,"
The Weaver January-February 1941, reprints (includes photocopy
of "It's Pretty But Is It Art?" The Weaver July –August 1941,
written in response to "Handweaving Today")

1941 28 5

“Designing,” Craft Horizons, complete issue, typescript and reprints,

1943 28 6

Untitled statement Black Mountain College Bulletin Vol. II No. 3
December 1943, typescript photocopy with handwritten notes
and corrections

1943 28 7

“One Aspect of Art Work,” Design 1944, reprints

1944 28 8

“We Need the Crafts for Their Contact with Materials,” Design,
complete issues and photocopy (this work appears as “One
Aspect of Art Work” in On Designing), December

1944 28 9

“Constructing Textiles,” Design, complete issues and reprints
(includes “Introduction” and “Present and/or Past” by JA)
[see On Designing], April

1946 28 10

“Design: Anonymous and Timeless,” Magazine of Art, reprints
and complete issues, February

1947 28 11

“Fabrics,” Arts and Architecture, reprints, March

1948 28 12

“Handweaving for Modern Interiors,” Craft Horizons, Winter

1949 28 13

Untitled statement for Colloquium of Associated Artists of
Pittsburgh February 12 1964, typescript carbon

1964 28 14

“On Walter Gropius,” Craft Horizons (obituary for WG)

1969 28 15

Untitled review of Ben Nicholson: Paintings, Reliefs, Drawings (1948),
appeared in Magazine of Art January 1950, clippings and
typescript carbons

1950 28 16

Untitled statement [I want to make things for the contemplative
mind], handwritten

undated 28 17

Untitled writing on textiles, composite typescript and handwritten
draft with handwritten corrections

undated 28 18

"Anni Albers: Tribute to Kurt Schwitters," contribution to Kurt
Schwitters in Exile: The Later Work 1937–1948
exhibition catalog,
Marlborough Fine Art, London, photocopies and letter to AA

1981 28 19 (1)


undated 28 19 (2)