Series Ia: Correspondence with Individuals

Description Dates Box Folder

Sutner, Ladislav (includes 1980 JA postage stamp and envelope)

1967 OS21 28

Series Ib: Correspondence with Institutions and Organizations

Look Magazine (includes tear sheet of January 15 article)

1948 OS1 1

Series Id: Birthday Correspondence

70th Birthday

1958 OS1 1(2)

80th Birthday

1968 OS1 1(3)

Series IIa: Teaching

“The College that Built Itself” (article on Black Mountain College)

circa 1942–45 OS1 2

Junior Bazaar (article on Black Mountain College)

May 1946 OS1 3

Form, no 4 (article on Black Mountain College)

April 15, 1967 OS1 4

Form, no 5 (article on Black Mountain College)

1967 OS1 5

Form, no 6 (article on Black Mountain College)

1967 OS1 6

“Black Mountain College: A Stirring Example of Democratic Education” in Friends

1942 OS1 7

“College Housing Problem” (article on Black Mountain College)

circa 1942–45 OS1 8

“Minimum House Black Mountain College”

circa 1943–48 OS1 9

“Homage to a Teacher: Josef Albers” by Arnold Bittleman, Eye

March 1968 OS1 10

Faculty finances spreadsheet (Black Mountain College)

undated OS20 1

Card for JA from students

1948 OS20 2

Articles on construction at Black Mountain College (Boston Herald,
New York Times, and Asheville Citizen-Times)

1940 OS20 3–5

Coca-Cola materials (includes letter from Coca-Cola Company
to JA regarding advertisements)

1942, undated OS20 6

Clipping on Serpentine Wall (University of Virginia),

undated OS20 7

Advertisements for color studies

undated OS20 7

Publications about the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Ulm
(includes Ulm 1, 2, 3)

1955–1958 OS21 2(1)

Typofacture materials (printed pages from newspapers)

undated OS26 1–5

Photographs of material studies. Paperbending analysis, plastic
action and figure-ground relations. Unknown source

undated OS26 8

Matière materials. Printed materials, pages

undated OS28 1–8

Series IIb: Project Files

Mounted photographs with sketches and handwritten description

circa 1926 OS1 11

“Konstruierte Schriften” leaflet, example of JA’s “Entwurf einer
Schablonenschrift” with drawings and handwritten notes.

1930 OS19 9

Sketch, Ersatz für XX-2. Das Ostwald System for Interaction of Color

undated OS19 10

Galerie der Spiegel, Köln Homage to the Square:
12 Serigraphs
, publicity

1967 OS20 8(1)

Embossed Linear Constructions, print proof

1969 OS20 8(2)

Print proof for offset print of 1940s JA painting

undated OS20 9

Container Corporation, logo design example

undated OS20 11(1)

Wren House, instructions and drawings

undated OS20 11(2)

Notes on Geometric Form in drawings of early Churches and temples
(see OS30 for drawings) Drawing of cathedrals of Amiens,
Beauvais, and Cologne

circa 1920s–1930s OS21 29

Sketches, drawings and studies of geometric forms and early
churches and temples. Not all by JA.

undated OS30

Typewritten statements by Hokusai

undated OS30 1

Miscellaneous dividers and folders used by JA to organize drawings of architecture and proportion

undated OS30 2

Studies of geometric forms and proportion (in German)

circa 1925-33 OS30 3

Studies of proportion in architecture; handwritten texts on proportion and history of architecture (in German)

circa 1925-33 OS30 4

Studies of geometry and proportion; miscellaneous drawings (in English / from Black Mountain College)

undated OS30 5

Series IIc: Solo Exhibitions

January 7–26 1952 “Albers: Homage to the Square Transformation
of a Scheme”, Sidney Janis Gallery, New York. Publicity

1952 OS2 1

November 30–December 26 1959 “Homage to the Square,” Sidney
Janis Gallery, New York. Brochures and publicity

1959 OS2 2

September 17–October 13 1962 “Josef Albers,” Ferus Gallery,
Los Angeles. Invitation

1962 OS2 3

January–February 1964 “Josef Albers,” Galerie Burén Stockholm.
Catalogue and publicity

1964 OS2 4

September 1964 “Josef Albers,” Ferus Gallery, Los Angeles, Invitations

1964 OS2 5

September 28–October 24 1964, “Josef Albers: Homage
to the Square,” Sidney Janis Gallery, New York. Publicity

1964 OS2 6

May 15–June 9 1968, “albers,” Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover.
“Homage to Josef Albers,” by Wieland Schmied

1968 OS2 7

November 1971–January 1972 “Josef Albers at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art,” Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

1971 OS2 8

March–April 1973 “Albers,” Galerie Beyeler, Basel. Catalogue
and publicity

1973 OS2 9

August 15–25 1936 Periódico El Nacional, Mexico

1936 OS20 12

January 1959 Hathorn Studio, Skidmore College Saratoga Springs,
New York. Publicity (lecture)

1959 OS20 13

November 5–24 1962 “Josef Albers at the Pace Gallery,” Pace Gallery,
Boston. Review.

1962 OS20 14

October 15–December 1963 “Interaction of Color” Carpenter
Center, Harvard University. Posters

1963 OS20 15

January 1971 “Josef Albers: Paintings and Graphics, 1917–1970,”
Princeton University Art Museum Princeton, NJ. Catalogue

1971 OS20 16

Series IId: Group Exhibitions

April 3–17 1937 “American Abstract Artists,” Squibb Galleries,
New York. Portfolio

1937 OS19 1

August 26–September 10, 1950. “Linien. American Abstract Artists”
Copenhagen. Publicity

1950 OS2 10(1)

September 24–October 10 1956 “Recent Paintings by 7 Americans,”
Sidney Janis Gallery, New York. Invitation

1956 OS2 10(2)

1968 publicity

1968 OS2 10(2)

February 25–April 25 1965 “The Responsive Eye,” Museum of
Modern Art, New York. Publicity

1965 OS2 11

March 1967 “Formen der Farbe,” Stuttgart. Publicity

1967 OS2 12

October 19–November 15 1968 “Icon-Idea,” Lafayette College,
Easton, PA. Publicity

1968 OS2 13

September 17–October 27, 1968. “Serial Imagery.” Pasadena Art
Museum. Publicity

1968 OS2 14

October–December 1976 “America America,” Galerie Beyeler, Basel.

1976 OS2 15

May 23–June 14 1974 “An Exhibition of Art Work by Students of
Josef Albers,” Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge.

1974 OS2 16

July 8–August 2 1953 “Josef and Anni Albers: Paintings, Tapestries
and Woven Textiles,” Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT.
Catalogue and publicity

1953 OS20 17

February 16–March 20 1955 “Twentieth Century Drawings,”
Yale University Art Gallery Print portfolio

1955 OS20 18

July 1963 Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld. Publicity

1963 OS20 19

April 14–May 21 1967 “Formender Farbe,” Kunsthalle Bern

1967 OS20 20

March 1969 Westfälischen Kunstverein, Münster. Publicity

1969 OS20 21

Series IIe: Architectural Commissions

1963 Pan Am Building New York, Manhattan

undated OS1 12

1980 Stanford University, Stanford Wall (empty Stanford University binders)

1960–1980 OS3

1967 Rochester Institute of Technology, Loggia Wall 1966–1975

undated OS3 1

Mounted photographs of 1959–1960 Corning Glass Building Lobby,
New York; Two Structural Constellations, 1958–1960; and 1963
Yale University Art and Architecture Building, Repeat and Reverse

undated OS3 2

1976 Mutual Life Center, Sydney, Australia, Wrestling

1971–1976, undated OS20 22

Plan and drawing for uncompleted commission “525 Wm. Penn Way”

undated OS20 23

1980 Stanford University Lomita Mall, Stanford Wall. Publicity

1980 OS20 24

1967 Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT Loggia Wall. Photographs

1966 OS20 25(1)

1972 Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Münster,
Two Supraportas. Plans

1969–1975, undated OS20 25(2)

1950 Harvard University Graduate Center, America. Photographs

1950 OS20 26

Series IIf: Awards and Honorary Degrees

Pratt Institute, 1975 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts

1975 OS4

American Institute of Architects, 1974 Fine Arts Medal Nomination

1973 OS4 1

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Benefactor

1972 OS4 2

Conrad von Soest Prize

1958 OS4 5

Yale University Honorary Master of Arts

1962 OS4 4

Kenyon College 1969 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts
(original and photocopies)

1969 OS31 2

Town of Fairfield, CT 1976 Artist of the Year Award

1976 OS5

Premio Internazionale Diano Marina per Illustrazione Artistica
di Opera Letteraria

1973 OS5

Unidentified medal

undated OS5

Unidentified medals

undated OS6

American Institute of Architects, 1975 Fine Arts Medal

1969–1975 OS6

Stadt Bottrop, Plakette der Stadt Bottrop

1963, undated OS6

Skowhegan Medal for Graphics

1971 OS6

Honorary Degrees (Universidad Catolica de Chile, Miembo Académico,
1953; Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1970 Fellow for Life,
National Association of Schools of Art, 1971 Citation; University
of North Carolina, 1967 Honorary Degree, Doctor of Fine Arts;
American Institute of Graphic Art, 1964 Honorary)

1953–1971 OS21 2(2)

Conrad von Soest Prize

1968 OS21 2(2–3)

Stadt Bottrop, Ehrenbürgerrecht

1970 OS21 1(2)

Stadt der Arbeit und Erholung Bottrop, medal Fratelli Fabbri
Editori medal

1968 OS6

NIGB Frederikstad

undated OS6

Rathaus der Stadt Bottrop, medal

undated OS6

Smithsonian James Smithson medal (includes note)

undated OS6

Series IIg: Notebooks

Disassembled empty binders and notebooks

undated OS7-OS11

Series IIi: Color Research

Examples of four-color offset printing

undated OS15 (1–2)

“Merchandise sold by color” press clipping from
The German Tribune

1962 OS15 3

“Color” clipping from Life, July 3, 1944

1944 OS15 4

“Color and Its Application to Fabric & Fashion Design” pamphlet
printed by I.C.I. Organics, Inc.

undated OS15 5

“Color” clipping from Life, July 3, 1944

1944 OS15 6

“How Good is Your Taste?” by Maitland Graves, Magazine clipping

undated OS15 7

“Technology: Color in Industry” clipping from Fortune

1951 OS15 8

Colorlog, Sigmund Ullman Company

undated OS21 4

Various color sheets and color examples

undated OS21 5

Published material on color (includes “The Science of Color,
A Summary of the Theories of Dr. Wilhelm Ostwald” and clipping
from “Color” in Life)

1937, 1944 OS21 6(1)

Printed materials on color (poster for “Experimental Color Workshop”
and “Moleta Architectural Color Guide Formula Sheet”

undated OS21 6(2)

Charlotte Engraving Co. Screen Tint Color Guide

undated OS21 1

Series IIj: Interviews

“Einleitung (ein interview mit Albers)” Dietrich Mahlow,
typescript photocopy and galleys July, 1970

1970 OS19 8

“Ich liebe das Quadrat: Ein Interview mit Josef Albers,”
Die Zeit March 15

1968 1968 7

Series IIIa: Books

Josef Albers by Eugen Gomringer. Publicity

1968 OS1 13

Formulation: Articulation. Publicity

1972 OS1 14

Search vs. Re-Search. Trinity College lectures. Publicity

1965 OS21 8
Interaction of Color

Publicity (includes promotional leaflet for complete German edition with JA’s annotations)

1968, 1972 OS12 1

Text and plate proofs with handwritten notes and corrections

1962–1963 OS12 2–13

Text and plate proofs and photocopies with handwritten notes and corrections and transparencies, with list of student names that contributed color studies, German edition.

1972 OS13 1–6

Color transparencies

undated OS14 1–3

Publicity (Werk und Zeit, 1965)

1965 OS21 1(1)

Series IIIb: Various Writings

Spies, Werner Albers, mock-up

1971 OS19 9

Acha, Juan "Josef Albers: Homage to the Square," for Cultura Peruana"

October-December 1964 OS19 20

Cage, John "Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard (for Josef and
Anni Albers), facsimile score"

undated OS19

Series IIIc: Lectures

“Creative Education,” from “VI. Internationaler Kongress für Zeichen,
Kunstunterricht und Angewandte Kunste in Prag, 1928.”
Photocopy of English version of“Werklicher Formunterricht
(Practical form instruction) from H. Wingler Bauhaus p. 142

1928 OS19 7

Series IV: Personal Papers

JA's memorial service guest book, April 23 1976

1976 OS19

Series V: Financial

Financial Records

1973 OS15 9–10

Financial Records

1974 OS15 11–13

Financial Records

1975 OS15 14

Series VII: Holiday Cards

Card production materials

undated OS1 15

Series VIII: Subject Files

Asawa Lanier, Ruth Magazine article “Christmas Claybake”

undated OS19 5

Bill, Max (includes “Art Looking at us” by Paul Overy,
with references to JA. The Listener, Nov 24, 1966

1952, 1966 OS16 1

Boyd, Rutherford (includes “Speaking of Pictures...Solids and
Lines show the Beauty of Mathematics” Life, March 21, 1949)

1938, 1949 OS16 2

Breuer, Marcel (regarding UNESCO Preliminary Project)

undated OS19 6

Cézanne, Paul

1938, 1952 OS16 3

Le Corbusier

1957, 1960 OS16 4

Darboven, Hanne, “6 Manuskripte” 69

1969 OS21 9

Duchamp, Marcel

1963 OS16 5

Dürer, Albrecht

1971 OS16 6

Dürer, Albrecht, article un Die Welt

1971 OS21 10

Fuller Sue

1949 OS16 7

Shutaro, Mukai “Concrete Poetry its source and relationship with
Japan” Photocopy from Graphic Design (Tokyo) 52

1970 OS16 8(1)

Helms, Dietrich

1968 OS21 11

Itten, Johannes

1958 OS21 12

Ives Norman

1968 OS16 8(2)

Lorenz, Konrad

1970 OS16 9

Mondrian, Piet

1971 OS16 10

Matisse, Henri

1970 OS21 14

Nehru, Pandit

1949 OS21 15

Reinhardt, Ad (includes Master of the Minimal, Life, February 3)

1967, undated OS16 11

Rudolf, Paul

1967 OS16 12

Schwitters, Kurt

1969 OS16 13

van der Rohe, Mies

1966 OS21 16

Wright, Frank Lloyd

1960 OS16 14

Wyss, Marcel

undated OS21 17

Yamawaki, Iwao

undated OS16 15


1950s, 1960s OS21 24

Bauhaus (includes articles from The New York Times Magazine,
The New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and others)

1950s, 1960s OS21 24

Bauhaus (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and others)

1970s OS21 26
Other Subjects

Art, general, (includes "The Old Men of Modern Art"
Life Dec 12, 1949; "Violent Images of Emotion: Expressionist
Art has a Big Revival, Life May 12, 1958 "10" Dwan Gallery
catalogue Oct 4-29, 1966)

1949, 1958, 1966 OS16 16

Art, general

1937, undated OS19 2–3

Art, general

1968, undated OS21 18(1–2)

Art museums/ institutions (German press cuttings)

1968, 1971, undated OS16 17

Art museums/ institutions “Museum of Modern Art”
by Roger Angell. Reprint from Holiday, November

1953 OS16 18


1968, 1973 OS21 20

Design: Carpet Textures

undated OS16 19

Design: Roads (“The New South” with photographs
by Margaret Bourke-White. Life, October 31)

1949 OS16 20

Design: Furniture

1948, 1950 OS16 21

Golden Section (includes Tschichold’s diagram)

undated OS16 22

“How Do You Price Art Works?” by Grace Glueck.
New York Times, January 2

1976 OS21 19

“Kunsthalle in Bielefeld.” Article on Philip Johnson’s new building.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, November 9

1968 OS21 21

Op Art

1966 OS16 23


undated OS16 24

Museum of Modern Art (New York)

1961 OS21 22

Rossini. Review of Biography

1968 OS21 23


undated OS21 27

Yale University (“Yale Mother of Colleges” Look, April)

1950 OS16 25

Series IX: Printed Materials

Cover of Arts and Architecture with image of Albers’s painting
“Construction on Black”, (1938-42) July

1947 OS17 1

“Optical Tricks Train Yale Artists” Life, March 26

1956 OS17 2

“Josef Albers, ein Altmeisterder Vorlehre” offprints from Graphik June

1959 OS17 3

“Photographer’s Best of 1959” Photograph of Albers by Don Fitch,
New Haven Register, December 27, 1959

1960 OS17 4

“The Corporate Splurge in Abstract Art” Fortune April, pp 138-147.
Albers’s painting “Starblue” illustrated on p.138

1960 OS17 5

“The Colin Collection: From Manet to Arp” Vogue April 15, 1960.
Albers “Restrained Glow”(1951) reproduced on page 110 and
described on p. 149

1960 OS17 6

“How to Read a Painting” by E.H. Gombrich. The Saturday Evening
. Offprint. Albers Structural Constellation illustrated

1961 OS17 7

“He Paints with his Brain” Hartford Courant Magazine, November 18.

1962 OS17 8

“Painters’ Playing Cards”, Art in America. Offprint Albers-designed
playing cards on p. 42

1963 OS17 9

“The World Of Josef Albers” Graphic Design (Tokyo) no. 11,
April 1963. Photocopy of 2 pages

1963 OS17 10

“With Art, ‘One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison” Aloha-Sunday
Star Bulletin & Advertiser
, Sept 6

1964 OS17 11

“Op Art” Life, December 11

1964 OS17 12

“A Common Denominator in Four Exhibitions” by Emily Genauer.
New York Herald Tribune, February 7

1965 OS17 13

“On Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color” by Karl Gerstner Form, March.
Acetate negative

1965 OS17 14

“The 100 Best People in the World”, Esquire, August illustrations by
Blake Hampton. 2 pages.

1965 OS17 15

“Six Talented Americans” America Illustrated no. 83 published by
USIA for Russia and Poland. Includes Irving Penn’s photograph
of Albers and Jasper Johns

1965 OS17 16

“Colour and Line—Art and Education: On the work of Josef Albers”
by Margit Staber. Offprint from Neue Grafik. Text in German,
English and French

1965 OS17 17

“Collecting Original Art Prints” Holiday, February. Josef Albers’s screen
print “Golden Gate” reproduced, p.106

1966 OS17 18

“From Pollock to Pop: Twenty years of Painting and Sculpture”, by
Harold Rosenberg with photographs by Hans Namuth. Holiday,
March. Full page color photo of Albers on p. 105

1966 OS17 19

“Poster Painters” This Week, June 6. Albers painting
illustrated on cover

1966 OS17 20

“Surprise!!” Esquire, June. Albers “White Line Square”
illustrated on p. 139

1967 OS17 21

“Reflections on the Graphisms of Josef Albers” by Robert le Ricolais.
Art International, March 20 (includes page from a brochure
with installation view of Albers’s exhibition at Janis Gallery,
September 1964

1968 OS17 22

“The Bauhaus Revisited” by Gene Baro. Studio International,
September. Albers’s “White Line Square” on cover. (includes
supplement: Studiographic 2)

1968 OS17 23

“Serial Imagery” by John Coplans Art Forum, October

1968 OS17 24

“Josef Albers” Film von Dietrich Mahlow page from a calendar of TV
programs of wdr Westdeutsches Fernsehen. Illustration of an
Albers painting

1970 OS17 25

“Josef Albers: Prophet and Presiding Genius of American Op Art”
by Sam Hunter. Vogue, October 15

1970 OS17 26

Encyclopedia Universale Fablori no. 6 p. 228 with entry on Albers
and illustration of Homage to the Square “Between the Lines”

1971 OS17 27

“On Albers’ Color” by Margit Rowell, Art Forum, January, (article and
cover only, annotated)

1971 OS17 28–29

Various newspaper clippings in German

1968–1973 OS17 30

“Photographers In and Out of History” New York Times Book Review,
December 1 (includes review of One Mind’s Eye: The Portraits and
Other Photographs of Arnold Newman” by Hilton Kramer

1974 OS17 31

Ad for New Haven Redevelopment Agency (includes Albers name)
The Hartford Courant, Sunday May 2

1976 OS17 32

Photostats of printed materials on or by JA from disassembled

1969, undated OS17 33

Miscellaneous reproductions of JA’s work (includes JA work in the
background in homes)

1966, undated OS17 34

Ad from Schöner Wohnen for Albers screenprint

undated OS17 35

Bauhaus 4, 1927 and photograph of JA 1926 Tea Glass

1926–1927 OS22 1(1)

Perceptismo, July-August 1952 offprint featuring JA
Structural Constellation

1952 OS22 1(2)

La Prensa, 5 September 1953 (article about JA lectures in Lima, Peru)

1953 OS22 2

Bottroper Stadt-Chronik, article about JA becoming Professor
Emeritus at Yale University

1956 OS22 3

Photostats of printed materials on or by JA from disassembled

undated OS22 4(1–2)

Werk und Zeit, article about JA 70th Birthday

1958 OS22 5

Werk und Zeit, article that mentions JA

1962 OS22 6

L’Intransigeant, 13 January 1965 (article about Denise René that
mentions Albers)

1965 OS22 7

Kunsthalle Bern, printed matter about “Weiss auf Weiss” an
exhibition that featured Albers.

1966 OS22 8

The Washington Post, article about Corcoran Gallery featuring photo
of Albers work

1968 OS22 9

Various printed materials (in German) related to JA’s 80th Birthday

1968 OS22 10

Werk und Zeit, vol. 18, no. 4, article that features image of JA
Structural Constellation

1969 OS22 11

Various printed materials (articles in German that mention Albers)

1971 OS22 12

Toronto Globe and Mail, 23 September 1972, article on Albers

1972 OS22 13

Various printed materials related to JA’s 85th birthday

1968 OS22 14

Spirale 3 1955 (includes Spirale 5)

1955 OS26 7

Various printed materials of interest to JA (includes articles about art,
religion, architecture, Mexico, other artists, and advertisements)

undated OS29

Series X: Photograph and Scrapbook Albums


1954 OS18

Ulm (includes student studies)

1955 OS18


undated OS18

University of Bridgeport

1956 OS18

Various photographs, includes exhibitions, awards, Bauhaus Dessau
and Black Mountain College

various OS23

Scrapbook album, photographs and printed material (includes
unattached pages)

various OS24

Photograph album, photographs by Lee Boltin, Margit Staber, Jon
Naar, Michael Popp, Manfred Tischer, Herb Weitman, M. Unagami,
Hiram Ash

1958–1971 OS25

Photograph album, "Josef Albers at the Metropolitan Museum of
Art," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, at home, and
at Sirocco Screen Press, photographs by Cheryl Rossum, Erika
Schmied, Josephine Mears

1971 OS25

Mounted photographs by Arnold Newman

1948 OS26

Various mounted photographs of JA + AA (includes photograph
of baby by Paul Guermonprez)

undated OS27

Photograph of JA by Karsh of Ottawa

1966 OS31 3