Series IIa: Teaching

Description Dates Box Folder

Diagrams of 54" Loom and Loom frame, Black Mountain College

undated OS9 2

The Arts Journal, vol. 3 no. 7 April Special BMC issue

1978 OS7 2

Series IIb: Project Files

Temple Emanu-el, Dallas, TX. “Lofty Shrine: Dallas Congregation
Dedicates Synagogue" Life, February 25, (photograph showing
AA's Ark Panels)

1957 OS1 1

Blueprint reproductions of Camino Real

undated OS8 1

Series IIc: Solo Exhibitions

“The Woven and Graphic Art of Anni Albers” Publicity
“Annie [sic] Albers: The threads of a weaver’s life”
Westport News, December 17

1985 OS1 2

“The Woven and Graphic Art of Anni Albers” Publicity
“The Weaver’s Tale: Anni Albers and the tapestry of her Life”
The Washington Post, June 13; “Weaving Together a Lifetime
of Work” Washington Home June 6; “Anni Albers: the threads
in a Weaver’s Life” Washington Times, June 13

1985 OS7 13

AA scarf

1985 OS6

Series IId: Group Exhibitions

“Bauhaus Webereien 1920–33” Werk und Zeit 9, Sept and
other articles

1964 OS7 3

“Sehen, was nicht da ist: Josef and Anni Albers” Villa Stuck Museum
Munich. Publicity and photograph. December

1990 OS1 3

October 2–November 16 “Objects: USA,” National Collection of
Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution. Publicity

1969 OS1 18

Series IIe: Awards and Honorary Degrees

University of Hartford, 1979 Honorary Doctorate
Publicity. September

1979 OS1 4

Maryland Institute College of Art, 1972 Citation

1972 OS2

Philadelphia College of Art, 1976 Honorary Degree of Doctor of
Fine Arts

1976 OS2

University of Hartford, 1979 Honorary Doctorate.

1979 OS2

York University, 1973 Honorary Doctorate

1973 OS2

Stadt Bottrop

1983 OS2

Decorative Arts Book Award Citation

1965 OS7 16

State of Connecticut Official Citation

1989 OS7 16

Southern Illinois University Foundation, Summa Cum Laude Society
certificate of membership for the Josef Albers Foundation

undated OS7 16

American Institute of Architects Craftsmanship Medal

1961 OS9 1

Series IIf: Interviews

"Das Bauhaus: Ein ungeordneter Haufen," Süddeutsche Zeitung,

1990 OS7 4

Series IIIa: Writing—Books

“Anni Albers on the Beginnings of Weavings,” American Fabrics
Excerpts from On Weaving. American Fabrics

1965 OS1 7

“Anni Albers on the Designing of Textiles and the Handweavers
Place in Industry,” Excerpt from On Designing. American Fabrics

1965 OS1 8

Publicity Album

1962 OS3

Publicity Album

1965 OS3

Pre-Columbian Miniatures, mounted photographs

undated OS5

Reproductions of "Variation on a Theme"

undated OS7 1 (1)

Series IIIb: Writing—Various

“Fabrics,” Arts and Architecture, March

1948 OS1 5

“Weavings,” Arts and Architecture, February

1949 OS1 6

“The Pliable Plane,” Perspecta 4. Offprints and complete Journal

1957 OS1 9

Series IV: Personal

We Blundered Hitler into Power,” by Hermann Ullstein,
Saturday Evening Post July 13

1940 OS1 15

Albers guestbook

1950–1986 OS5


1974–1979, 1981–1984, 1986–1988 OS7 14–15 (2)

Framed photograph of JA and AA

undated OS8

Series V: Subject Files

“Pictorial Weavings: Anni Albers,” Craft Horizons reprint and
complete issue, July/August

1965 OS1 17

The Jewish Museum

undated OS4 1

Dietrich, Marlene “My ABC’s” Look magazine

1961 OS4 2

Farman, Betty

1990 OS4 3

Mexico, “Mexican Art and Life,” April

1939 OS4 4

Miró, Joan

1978 OS4 5


1963, 1983 OS4 6

Pre-Columbian Art (includes article on Diego Rivera)

1937, various OS4 7–9

Maximilian Schell

1980s OS4 10

Maximilian Schell (including Marlene Dietrich)

1978–1986 OS4 9

Textile Technology

1948 OS4 11

Armstrong, Neil

1969 OS4 12

Abbado, Claudio, “How Claudio Abbado Wins Ovations
in Vienna,” New York Times, March

1987 OS7 5

”Ancient Eqypt” New Haven Register, Oct 22

1978 OS7 6

Landowska, Wanda, New York Times, June 19

1983 OS7 7

“Before Columbus: The Masterful Art of Middle America explored in
an exhibition” New York Times, February 5

1956 OS7 8

Series VI: Printed materials

"Anni Albers" "the designer . . . an intermediary who is trying to help
the not-yet-existent turn into reality" by Emily Cain. Photograph by
Tod Eastwood. New Haven Register Sunday Pictorial October 3

1965 OS1 10

"A Museum's Light Approach to Craft. on the 25th anniversary
party of the American Craft Museum" (includes photo of AA and
Jack Lenor Larsen New York Times, October 3)

1981 OS1 1

“Design Notebook: examining 25 changing years in the broad
field of crafts" by Grace Glueck. New York Times, January 28

1982 OS1 12

“Pictorial Weavings: Anni Albers,” by Bernard Chaet Arts and
, September

1959 OS1 17

“Weavings: Back to Black Mountain,” Art Forum, April

1987 OS4 13

”Modern Tapestries and Ancient Ways St Louis Post Dispatch,
August 3. With inscription fron Ted Dreier, concerning Evelyn
Anselvicius (Evelyn Hill)

1972 OS7 10

William Huff and G.A. Steiner Collections. Pittsburgh Press, April 2
and Pittsburgh Post Gazette, April 17

1972 OS7 11

Yale Alumni Magazine, March

1977 OS7 12

Photocopies of articles

1978–1985 OS1 14

The Chronicle of Higher Education. Article about JA postage stamp
“Learning Never Ends” May 5

1980 OS1 16

Series VIII: Photographs and Scrapbooks

Photograph album from Josef Albers Retrospektive
Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, June 12–July 24

1988 OS8

Series IX: Josef Albers Museum

Newspaper articles about AA's visit to Bottrop Museum. June

1984 OS1 13

Series VII: Pre-Columbian Collection

Installation view, "Albers Collection of Ancient Mexican Art," Peabody Museum, photograph

undated OS7 1 (2)