The Foundation maintains two residential studios for visiting artists who exemplify the seriousness of purpose that characterized both Anni and Josef Albers. Residencies are designed to provide time, space, and solitude, with the benefit of access to the Foundation's archives and library.

Residencies are awarded by invitation and by application. The next deadline for applications is January 1, 2021. For more information and to apply, please visit


Óscar Valero, Madrid, Spain

Caroline Kryzecki, Berlin, Germany

Marie Harnett, London, England

Philippe Roux, Paris, France

Hiroko Takeda, Brooklyn, NY

Árpád Forgó, Budapest, Hungary

Crystal Gregory, Lexington, KY

Michelle Yi Martin, San Francisco, CA

Paul Barlow, London, UK

Victoria Burge, Philadelphia, PA

Margaret Woodward and Justy Phillips, Tasmania, Australia

Mohamed Said Chair, Tangier, Morocco

Emily Hass, New York, NY

Gabriel Kruis, Brooklyn, NY