The Foundation maintains two residential studios for visiting artists who exemplify the seriousness of purpose that characterized both Anni and Josef Albers. Residencies are designed to provide time, space, and solitude, with the benefit of access to the Foundation's archives and library.

Please note: the residency program is temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Because of the need to reschedule artists who couldn't attend because of the suspension, we are not currently accepting applications. We apologize and hope to have another open call in the near future.


Gabriel Phipps, Brooklyn, NY

Amel Benys, Paris, France

Edie Read, Massachusetts, USA

Patrick Howlett, London, Ontario, Canada

Kelly Jazvac, London, Ontario, Canada

Jen Bervin, Brooklyn, NY

Mette Stausland, Basel, Switzerland

Enrique Juncosa, Madrid, Spain

James K-M, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Gilles Perrin, Paris, France

Nicole Ewenczyk, Paris, France

Mark Cazalet, London, England

Larissa Nowicki, Brooklyn, NY