Artist Residencies

The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation offers three residency programs: at our main campus in Bethany, Connecticut (see below); in rural Senegal at Thread; and on the coast of Ireland at Carraig-na-gCat. Residencies are designed to provide time, space, and solitude for artists who exemplify the seriousness of purpose that characterized both Anni and Josef Albers.

We are pleased to announce that all three of our residencies are now open. Please note: because of the need to reschedule artists who could not attend because of the pandemic, we are not currently accepting applications. We hope to have another open call in the near future.


Bethany, Connecticut

The Foundation maintains two residential studios for visiting artists on seventy acres of wooded property in Bethany, Connecticut. The residency gives artists the benefit of access to the Foundation's archives and library.


Max Cole, Ruby, NY

Ben McLaughlin, London, England

Richard Walker, Glasgow, Scotland

Stephan Baumkotter, Cologne, Germany

Junzo Shuto, Tokyo, Japan

Cheikhou Ba, Dakar, Senegal

Fulvio Testa, Verona, Italy

Daphne McClure, Cornwall, England

Helen Wilks, London, England